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Little River Compost

Little River Compost

Soil, Mulch, Compost and Fertilizers

There are many fertilizers, planting soil and soil amendment choices available in our retail area. 

The following are a few of our product offerings.

  • ‘Little River’ compost is made in Lisbon Falls Maine.  We have carried this product for a few years now, with continual quality of the product and great results! We have many repeat customers using this product year over year to amend new gardens and/or use as an annual top dressing.
  • The Dr. Earth Line offers organic container and garden soil, compost, liquid and granular fertilizers, and pest controls.  Many products contain ProBiotics with soil microbes and Mycorrhizae.  These additions promote healthy soil and a healthy plant root structure.  
  • The Fox Farm products we offer include their Liquid and Soluble Fertilizers and Happy Frog and Ocean Forest potting soil.  This line is organic and unique in that each one is a unique blend to promote plant health at different stages from rooting, budding, to flowering.
  • We offer a full line of Espoma Organic Supplements and Plant Foods.  This line started over 80 years ago.  All products are a long lasting, slower release fertilizer for continuous plant feeding.


Click on any picture for more information about the types of soil and fertilizers these brands offer.